Meet Gar-De

Picture 1

GAR—DE is a New York design collective united by a desire to reinvent high-quality materials into innovative designs. Formed in 2008, the founding members of GAR—DE are a progressive and diverse group of young designers, artists, and producers who find inspiration in their urban terrain. Their shared appreciation of streamlined aesthetics, the cultural complexity of their surroundings, and a distinctive, sometimes subversive sense of humor influences the collective’s innovative work.


Their leather jackets have been on our minds for months  now.  When we received two green leather jackets in the spring, they sold out in the first week, one to Traji P. Hensen and one to Kristen Ritter.


This week we will be receiving another shipment consisting of the fantastic lambskin green motorcycle jackets in addition to the one that Agyness Deyn is wearing above.  We can’t wait to get more of these sexy fantastic jackets that are made of a soft luxurious leather in time for fall.  


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