Meet Our New Web Model and Photographer

We’re shooting some new men’s looks today including clothes from Superdry, Gypse 05, John Varvatos, Takel, Rxmance. As apart of the shoot, we have a new men’s web model, Michael, and a new photographer, Christian.

Look for the new additions to the site, which will be up by then end of next week.

shootChristian answered some questions we had for him first:

Q: What’s your history as a photographer?
A:  I shoot musicians, actors, and fashion.  Came form New York, I have been in LA for three years.  When I first got here I shot for wire image and also while out here I have been doing a lot of personal work.  When I went from film to digital, about six years ago, I took about a 4 year hiatus to get used to the idea of digital.

Q: What your favorite item in store?
A. I like the shoes, which is surprising since I’m not a shoe guy.  I am however trying to get more into shoes.  I’m pretty hard on clothes. If you buy me a shirt later that afternoon I may be gardening in it.  Actually, the shirt I’m wearing today I caught on fire the first time I wore it while camping.

Q: How do you describe your personal style? Does it differ when you’re working?
A: I go from ghetto urban cowboy, to eurotrash, to pajama party.  When I’m working I try to wear something as comfortable as possible. I also like to work barefoot.


Next Michael answered some questions:

Q: What’s your personal style?
A: Pretty urban, but also really basic, I’m a Levi’s and white v-neck kinda guy.

Q: What’s your favorite item in store?
A: I will probably be purchasing the Block headwear Raffia fedora at the end of the day.
(Which for the record, he is modeling above.  This awesome hat retails for $46.)

Q: What’s your take on accessories?
A: I like a lot of them, I have a lot of bracelets on and always a necklace.  My necklace of choice right now is a bullet that says ‘Cardboard Robot’

Q: How long have you been modeling? And what’s the biggest gig you’ve had?

A:  I’ve been modeling a little over a year.  The biggest gig was Macy’s- I modeled Ray Bans for them, which actually was their last campaign out of Seattle.


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