A major cable network is holding an
for fabulous ladies in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Calabasas and Orange County

Monday July 27th at LIVE! On Sunset!

Go to to download an application.

“The Good Life”

Everyone loves the good life—especially you!  Maybe you live like a princess or maybe you only act like one; it matters not—point is, you deserve to be a princess!

Whether you get pampered on some one else’s dime and your extravagant lifestyle includes luxury cars, designer handbags and expensive jewelry, or you’re tapping out your resources to do whatever it takes to maintain the image, you could be just the girl we’re looking for!  In this new series, it’s all about you and your glamorous lifestyle.

They are searching for the most outrageous, over-the top ladies who are living large!  Maybe you were born with a silver spoon or maybe everyone only thinks you were—either way, you’re A-List, baby!  And, it’s time everybody knows.

•    Is your closet full of designer clothes and shoes that would make Imelda cry?
•    Do you carry your teacup Maltese as an accessory?
•    Do you live in an amazing home with maids, a chef, a personal assistant or a driver?
•    Is your job an intense social calendar and your hobby shopping at Gucci?
•    Are you on the cutting edge of every trend and don’t miss a beat when it comes to Hollywood gossip?
•    Do you live a lifestyle everyone envies?

Your parents or your boyfriend may think you’re over the top- but we get it!  You don’t shop sales, you don’t let rules get in the way of a good time and you love champagne! Your friends want to be you and you want to be famous.  And we want to help. Attitude is everything–let’s show the world what its like to be you!

Buy a knock off?  No way! Do your own laundry? Unthinkable!
Pay your own way?  We must be kidding!

If this sounds like you, come meet our Casting Department in person!

LIVE! On Sunset
8801 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Monday, July 27th

Go to to download an application.


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