Ryan Phillippe Loves LIVE! On Susnet


Ryan Phillippe came into LIVE! On Susnet this afternoon and picked up some great summer basics.  A regular shopper at the store, he picked up some of our men’s staples and new arrivals.  In terms of staples that we always carry, he chose the Dagaine Crew Neck $34, Superdry Premium dress shirt $43.50,  Dylan George Striped woven shirt, $212, and two Superdry Gel Stormbreakers, a black and white one and the red one he’s wearing above, $95.

Since its summer, we have received some great new men’s t-shirts and shorts.  Ryan picked up a few items from the Converse by John Varvatos line including the plaid shirt jacket, $165, the Classic Chuck Chino Shorts, $95, and the Classic Chuck Chino’s with suspenders, $125. He also picked up some tee’s from Rxmance, a new brand for us, that were were literally unpacking while he was in the store that retail for $60.  We can’t wait to show you these casual and unique graphic tee’s for men.


2 responses to “Ryan Phillippe Loves LIVE! On Susnet

  1. He looks amazing. I would follow him home.

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