Meet Naven


The designers describe it right when they say “Naven is all about bright colors and the clothes are fun, flirty, youthful, and sexy“.  Known for their neon colors that pop and vintage inspired silk pieces, Naven is a beautiful line that we at LIVE! On Sunset love.


Khloe wore the skinny mini in hot pink last night and looked irresistible in it. Other fans of the line include Lauren Conrad, Lily Collins, Kim Kardashian, and now Aly and Aj, who seen above flipping through the racks last night, fell in love with the fun, flirty, yet classic line.

IMG_5659Naven was born when the twin sister/designer duo Kymberley and Alexis McClay put their fashion ideals into a tangible form and introduced their women’s contemporary line in Los Angeles in the fall of 2007.  Naven plays on a contrast between a classic and sophisticated silhouette and a young, fun and flirty style. The line highlights the beauty of the female silhouette through flattering fits while portraying empowerment and energy through bold colors, fine fabrics, and an edgy take on the classic form.  Come into LIVE! On Sunset and try on all of their looks, especially the skinny mini that we have in almost every color imaginable.


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