Sanaa Lathan Loves LIVE! On Sunset


Sanaa Lathan who has stared in Love & Basketball, Alien vs. Predator, Something New, and The Family That Preys came into LIVE! On Sunset this weekend to pick out some new going out clothes.  She needing a new outfit for dinner that night and with the help of our amazing stylists at LIVE! On Sunset, she picked out not one, but two looks that she fell in love with.

sanThe outfit on the left, which is what she ended up wearing out that night, is sexy and fun.  The snakeskin Thayer Dress $275 with a lace up race back detailing looked incredible on her, especially when we paired it with the brand new Caymen High Waist Crocodile Belt, $500.  She also loved that this dress was so easy to throw on and would even look cute dressed down with legginhs.  She finished her look with Velvet Angel Envy Snakeskin Heels, $250.

The second dress she picked out looked truly unbelievable on her.  The gorgeous Laila Azhar Pouf Sleeve Gray Dress, $450, with an exposed back zipper fit her curves perfectly and looked great also paired with the Velvet Angel Heels.


2 responses to “Sanaa Lathan Loves LIVE! On Sunset

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  2. both of the dresses are cute but i like the second one better with nice pink shoes and pink accessories witn a nice pink belt on the stomach

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