Meet Our New Web Models


A part of our new website redesign that will be unveiled later this week, we are creating a digital look book.  Today we have two models in the store shooting on our stage.  We asked these fantastic new models a few questions so you can get to know them a little bit better.

Meet Tara!


Q: How do you describe your personal style?

A: I love anything vintage and edgy.  I shop a lot at flea markets, thrift store, and vintage shops.  My favorite vintage shop here in LA is Shareen’s Vintage in downtown Los Angeles.

Q: Do wear a lot of accessories?

A: YES! I love accessories, especially jewelry and shoes.  I love bangles, big chunky necklaces and lots of rings.  In terms of shoes I always wear heels or, if I’m in flats, its riding boots.

Q: What’s your favorite item in the store?

A: The Herve Leger by Max Azria Coral Striped dress, its so fantastic.

Q: What are your shopping tips that you can offer to LIVE! On Sunset shoppers?

A: It’s important to buy what you like, most of all be fearless and take risks.

Meet Jordan!


Q: What are your favorite things in your closet?

A: I love my skinny jeans, deep v necks, cardigans, plaid flannels.   For me, it’s all about layering.

Q: What’s your take on accessories?

A: My mom is Native American so I really like jewelry with Native American influences.  I wear a lot of long necklaces.  I guess, I’m really obsessed with neck ware in general.  I always am in ties or scarves.

Q: What’s your favorite item at LIVE! On Sunset.

A: Superdry Brad Jacket.  I heard that David Beckham is a big fan of this jacket and that made me like it even more.


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