Twenty Cluny Event


Last night’s event at LIVE! On Sunset, the premier of Sara Rabkin’s collection, Tweny Cluny was a wonderful evening.  Her designs are beautiful and the fashionable crowd had a fantastic evening.

IMG_0561The line received i it’s name from a home that Sara designed, 20 Cluny was the address and from that she created Twenty Cluny.  It was her favorite project to date and she decided to name her collection after it as a way to pay it homage.

IMG_0563Sara fits Hilary Atkin, of, in this amazing sequin bomber jacket.

twitterbgNoel and Adriana looking fashionable as always.

IMG_0569A group of Apparel and Textile Students from North Dakota State University came to the event last night and had a great time shopping around the store.  They especially loved the Kitson LA section and picked up souviners to take back home and remind them of their trip.


One response to “Twenty Cluny Event

  1. Woo! We LOVED our visit! Thanks so much!

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