Shopper Of The Day

shopperToday’s Shopper Of The Day, JRobs, lives here in Los Angeles and loves buying her going out looks at LIVE! On Sunset.  She looked amazing in the electric blue high-waisted Naven Skinny Mini Skirt, which priced at $200 is ideal for fun nights on the town.  Paired with the Nightcap white lace blouse, $185, and black snakeskin Velvet Angel Envy Pumps, $250, she is ready for anything.  When JRobs isn’t shopping at LIVE! On Sunset, you can find her lunching at Urth Cafe, walking her long-haired chiuaua, Dame Judy Dench, at Runyon Canyon, or grabbing drinks at Guys and Dolls.  You may spot her around LA this weekend in this outfit, or one of the others she has picked up at LIVE! On Sunset, and if you do, be sure to snap her picture for LIVE! On The Scene.


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