Tom Green Loves LIVE! On Sunset

poloThis afternoon Tom Green came into LIVE! On Sunset to check out the store.  We share a producer/director, Hal/Victor, and he wanted to show Tom his other home here at LIVE! On Sunset.

orangeHe loved Superdry, especially after learning David Beckham and Zac Efron are fans.  He picked up the Lumberjack Twill shirt in orange, the Core Rubgy Polo in navy and an assortment of t-shirts that all happen to be $20 or three for $50 for the Memorial Day Sale.  Come stop by LIVE! On Sunset to check out the deals, and while you’re here, you never know who you’ll see shopping.

tomIf you don’t have time to stop by, or if you don’t live in LA, be sure to shop the internet sale with 30% off everything online and free shipping from now until the 26th of May by using the code: MemorialDay30


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