Summer Weight Scarves

scarfSummer weight scarves are the perfect accent and layering piece, especially for California weather.  The most lustworthy of all summer-weight scarves are Missoni with their luxe knits made up of 100% silk, gorgeous patters and colors.  These scarves a timeless item of desire for any fashion fan.  A long time celebrity favorite, Missoni’s art deco inspired knits create a unique and elegant effect. These brilliant, brightly hued scarves are a charming addition to any wardrobe. Wear it around you neck, on your head, or tied to a handbag, a scarf as beautiful as these will liven any look.

Since these scarves are such a timeless piece, they rarely, if ever go on sale.  However, until the 26th by using the code: MemorialDay30 you will receive 30% off all orders on LIVE! On Sunset’s website, with free shipping!  Act fast, a deal this good is hard to come by.


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