Gift Ideas For Mom!


With mother’s day just 5 days away, it’s time to get serious about what to get your amazing mom.  All this week LIVE! On Sunset will be showing you great gift ideas for the most important woman in your life!

Our first gift idea is a luxe, classic, elegant Missoni Scarf!  A scarf like this is so perfect for mom because you will be able to keep it forever and it will never go out of style. This scarf  features the traditional Missoni zigzag weave and uses vibrant shades of pinks and reds.  For $236 you will really make your mom smile!

Additional bonus, because we love moms so much, we have created a special 30% off coupon code to honor them! From now till May 11 on orders over $150 use the code LS30PMD. Happy shopping- but remember, keep mom in mind this week!


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